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The Main Idea

The “Przepisomat” -RECIPEMAT -is an interactive device which helps the customer choose a recipe for a dish. The product can be entered manually or scanned using the bar code. The recipe selected, along with a list of the products required for the dish, can be printed or emailed directly.

Responding to Change

Today’s customer is significantly different to the typical customer of yesteryear. Customers, increasingly, are paying far more attention to what they are eating and are looking for information on healthy foods and on the calorific content of those foods. At the same time, customers are looking for outstandingly interesting, not to say, ‘tempting’ dishes..!


Our approach to the customer is flexible. Depending on requirements, the construction of a graphic design or of the interface of a device can change. We can fully service a system or make an administrative panel available. We provide basic, recipe databases that can be enhanced with customers’ own recipes


Less than two months after presenting “Przepisomat” -Recipemat- at the Retail Show, with a radically beefed up, graphic design, it was successfully installed in one of the units of a well-known, “City Market” retail chain.

The project lasted but a few hours, during which time our technical staff carried out the assembly work associated with the correct installation and configuration of the device, all of which ran like clockwork without any downtime in the normal operating time of the store.

Right from the start, the device attracted the attention of the many shoppers who printed off the first recipes from the recipe database, along with lists of ingredients. During the first days of operation, the recipes had a thousand hits, no less; surely the best testimony to the huge interest generated by our product..!

Would you like “Przepisomat” (Recipemat) in your store..? If so, then please contact us and arrange a free, no obligation consultation.



Our design office and production line allow customisation of the interface.

Advertising displays

Graphic ads. or short advertising animations can be run when the machine is idle.

Innovative solutions

After scanning the bar code, the system displays the most important information about the product, such as price and nutritional value and also gives tips on recipes featuring the product.


System integration

The option of combining “Przepisomat” with any loyalty programmes, run by the retailer, is a big advantage.

Analytical tools

The system can be used as an analytical tool, facilitating the collection of marketing data on customer preferences.

Intuitive interface

The intuitive interface, designed specifically for touch screens makes using “Przepisomat” child’s play.


The Przepisomat Garden

The “Przepisomat Garden” is a version of the “Przepisomat Kitchen” and is used in much the same way but now, to display, print out and e-mail detailed information about gardening and horticultural products.

By scanning, say, a plant, the customer receives a thorough rundown of the product, including its full name, its price and a description of it, as well as how to care for it, with information on watering, sunlight requirements, soil type, growth cycles and so forth.

The most important advantage of the system is that it lists the preparations and fertilisers recommended for the plant selected.

When a product such as a pesticide, peat, or a fertiliser is scanned, the system displays information about that product and also displays information on those plants associated with it. Similar products are also displayed.


On November 16th-17th – at the EXPO XXI HALL- some 200 suppliers, operating in the retail sector, along with thousands of visitors, had the opportunity at the Retail Show, to closely examine the new “PRZEPISOMAT” which was produced under the auspices of the RS365 Project.

In Warsaw, our device quite simply stole the show..! While demonstrating the Przepisomat in the model shop, visitors were able see what it was all about as well as test it. A scaled down version was also shown in our booth and this, too, encouraged positive feedback and aroused considerable interest.

The high point of the event was the presentation of the award for the “2016 Trade Innovation Competition” which our product scooped.


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